100% COTTON – 100% LINEN

1. Is this bedding only for college rooms?

  • We make custom bedding for any style room.

2. Do you offer personal consultations?

  • Phone and personal consults available by appointment.

3. Are the fabrics available by the yard?

  • All fabrics available by the yard
  • Cottons are $25/yard
  • Linens are $35/yard

4. What is the delivery time?

  • 4-6 weeks
  • Please call for rush orders

5. Can I order online?

6. What is your payment and shipping policy?

  • Payment in full at the time of the order
  • We accept most credit cards, except American Express
  • We ship ground unless a rush shipment is requested. Once your items have shipped, we will send you a separate shipping invoice.

7. Are all orders final?

  • All sales are final

8. Are all of these fabrics available?

  • All fabrics available
  • Occasionally, fabrics are on back order
  • Orders fulfilled when fabric become available

9. How do I clean my bedding?

  • Machine washable on low setting in cold water
  • No bleach
  • Remove from dryer before fully dry

10. What could delay my order?

  • Fabric on back order
  • Incomplete order form